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Brake Pad Replacement
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Fortunately for Chevrolet owners, signs of failing brake pads are completely obvious, regardless of what vehicle you’re in. While it is important to keep up with your manufacturer-recommended service intervals and replace parts and fluids based upon the guidelines specified therein, sometimes you aren’t able to, or your parts wear earlier than expected. Warning signs of brake pad wear and tear are easy to spot for both your eyes and ears, so as soon as you begin to notice them, visit our schedule service page to schedule a brake pad replacement online with the certified technicians at Porter Chevrolet.

How To See and Hear Bad Brake Pads in Your Chevrolet Vehicle

Many Chevrolet vehicles’ brake pads are able to be inspected by looking directly through the spokes of your tires to see how much brake pad you have left. If you have less than one-quarter inch of brake pad remaining, you’re going to be needing new brake pads imminently. Decreased brake performance is another major red flag, and is a sign that you need brake service immediately. The other sounds will be audible (and pretty blatant): squeaking or squealing noises when stopping your Chevrolet indicate that your brake pads are reaching the end of their lives, and a grinding or clunking sound means that you’ve likely destroyed your brake pads and are now doing considerable damage to your brake rotors. Don’t wait until your brake rotors are screaming at you to tell you there are no brake pads left - schedule a brake pad replacement at Porter Chevrolet as soon as the warning signs appear.

The Consequences of Failing to Replace Brake Pads Immediately

Some people wait a couple of hundred miles past their recommended oil change intervals or keep running tires on their vehicle that they probably shouldn’t. Brakes are one of those systems that you absolutely must not delay service on, as the consequences can be severe. The decreased braking performance leaves your Chevrolet prone to collisions with other vehicles on the road, as you’re used to having a certain amount of braking power that you don’t have anymore. Damage to your brake rotors can also be massively expensive to repair or replace, so do yourself a favor and schedule a brake pad replacement as soon as you’re aware of the signs of failure. Doing so will keep yourself and others safe on the Newark, DE roads, and can save your Chevrolet from greater, unnecessary damage.

Certified Service and Genuine OEM Parts Are Better For Your Brakes

Certified technicians equipped with genuine OEM parts for all of your brake services are a much better recipe for your vehicle’s success than taking it to a local mechanic who uses aftermarket or discount parts. Give your Chevrolet the protection and care it deserves by scheduling a brake pad replacement service online with Porter Chevrolet, and let our service professionals keep you safe on the roads of Newark, DE.

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