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Porter Chevrolet Express Service Center

Porter Express Service Center in Newark, DE

Porter Chevrolet Express Service Center in Newark, DE

In a hurry and in need of a quick fix or two? Sometimes, a minor maintenance item will happen at the most inconvenient of times, and you need a quick resolution for the issue. The Porter Chevrolet express service center can get your vehicle in and out in no time - all without having to schedule an appointment. Maybe you’ve had a surprise gap in your schedule and want to utilize the time to get some maintenance done or you just aren’t able to commit to an appointment but have finally found the opportunity to make the quick dash to our express service center in Newark, DE. Whatever your case, stop by Porter Chevrolet to get our express service center experience, where we can handle a number of smaller maintenance items in no time at all, and have you back out on the roads before you know it.

How The Porter Express Service Center Works

First of all, it’s important to say that you can still schedule a service appointment with our express service center, if that’s your preference. However, appointments are not necessary in the porter express service center - simply drive up, tell our certified technicians exactly what you need, and they’ll get your vehicle equipped with new genuine OEM parts and products as quickly as possible. While the express service center is equipped to handle many of the minor maintenance items that can be resolved quickly, some services take much longer and are not available for scheduling in our express service center. Be sure to check our list below of eligible services or contact a Porter Chevrolet service representative to find out what services you can schedule in the Porter express service center.

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Eligible Services for Express Service

Many minor maintenance items can be performed in little to no time at all, which is the express service center’s goal. Any of the following services can either be scheduled or performed upon simply driving up to our express service center. Again, simply drive up to our express service center, and our certified technicians will knock your service out in no time.

Chevrolet Express Services
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Additional Services:

Express Service Still Means Certified Service

Just because it’s express doesn’t mean that it’s any less certified - all of our services at Porter Chevrolet are performed by certified technicians who will only use genuine OEM parts and products during your express service center visit. Come see for yourself - schedule an express service center appointment at your earliest convenience, or the next time you find a few free minutes, stop by our Newark, DE express service center for rapid service you have to see to believe.


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